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up to 25% more energy

Through a regularly cleaned solar system / PV system, you benefit from better energy efficiency as well as a longer lifespan and enjoyment of your own electricity.​

welcome to Solar Rein - your Photovoltaic Cleaning Switzerland 

Why cleaning

Your solar panels are coated by environmental influences such as fine dust, pollen, leaves, insect droppings, soot particles, dried dirt. etc., .. The general assumption, that the rain washes everything off is wrong. This requires mechanical help such as our cleaning... if you get your photovoltaic system cleaned regularly, more sunlight is absorbed and it generates up to 25% more electricity.

For your prolonged joy for clean energy!​


Thomas Rein & Sascha Hegele, 35 years of shared experience

Thanks to our many years of experience in the cleaning sector, since 1987, we can now also clean your solar cells on the roof. Working on the roof is dangerous, which is why our employees are equipped with the latest safety equipment and have the necessary SUVA-compliant training. Chemical cleaning agents are harmful to the environment and can also damage the solar cells and the roof. That's why we use an osmosis water system which delivers 99% pure water.​


Our cleaning = your profit


In order to provide you with a fair offer, it is important that we inspect your solar system beforehand. We work with the latest drones to inspect the facility and the surrounding area. The important thing is: how is the access, how do we climb onto the roof, is a lifting platform needed? What are the security options to ensure safe work for our team and you!

Regular cleaning gives you up to 25% more energy. We clean your system with the greatest care with a rotary brush and lots of water. Alternatively, we use an osmosis system with 99% pure water, depending on the weather. We do not use any chemicals to avoid damaging the system and roof, and also for the love of our nature.


Our many years of experience and trained eyes also check the system for damage. Cleaning of roof kennels, checking the flat roof for extraneous growths etc

Hot spot (photovoltaics) In photovoltaics, the hot spot effect refers to the overheating of an area of ​​a solar cell module due to uneven distribution of light, which in extreme cases can cause a fire.
The hot spot effect occurs when individual solar cells within the series connection in the solar module are in the shade. These shaded cells cannot generate any electrical voltage themselves and instead act like an electrical resistance because they operate in the blocking region of their current-voltage characteristic. The other cells connected in series continue to generate an electrical voltage. If this voltage exceeds the reverse voltage of the shaded cells, the reverse voltage is broken and the full current flows. The voltage then drops as if in an electrical resistance and is converted into heat; the cell can overheat to the point of destruction. In order to avoid or reduce shading, a shading analysis is carried out before installation. In order to avoid the hot spot effect in the solar cell, freewheeling diodes are connected in anti-parallel to a certain number of the serially connected solar cells. (Source: Wikipedia)​


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Thomas Rein 079 341 98 35


Dunja Albrecht


René Jakobeit 


Your energy efficiency is important to us ♥️ ​

Talstrasse 20, 6403 Küssnacht 

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Danke für's Absenden!

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